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After over 10 years of publishing mystery and thriller novels we are now expanding our interests into other genres. We have included Young Adult (YA), Urban Drama and Sensual Romance. Please come back often to get information on Intrigue Publishing's submission guidelines, new and established authors and the latest events sponsored by Intrigue Publishing. Intrigue is currently accepting Young Adult (YA), Crime Drama, Urban Drama and Sensual Romance submissions. If interested in submitting to Intrigue Publishing please visit our Submission page.

Intrigue is proud to announce our latest author acquisition; Chris Stevenson, author of the YA Dystopian and Science Fiction novel The Girl They Sold to the Moon. Eighteen-year-old Tilly Breedlove’s father has sold her into a form of modern day slavery on Luna—the Tranquility Harbor Mining Company, 240,000 miles from home. Forced to be an exotic dancer, she performs risqué shows for the filthy and filthy rich ore miners--a far cry from her classical and modern dance training. If she isn't resisting obscene advances from bearded “Prairie Dogs”, she's fending off jealous head-liner acts who view her as a threat to their status—and when those jealous showgirls say “break a leg”, they aim to cause it. The only reprieve she finds in this shop of horrors is a few close ward friends, a sympathetic dance coach/choreographer, and Buddy Gunner Bell, who just might become the love of her life. It's just enough to stem her psychological meltdown. Find out what happens to Tilly and her friends in this fast-paced, fun ride.
Congratulations to DB Corey's CHAIN OF EVIDENCE on being named one of the TOP 50 FICTION TITLES OF 2013!! Cyrus Webb Reveals Conversations Top 50 Fiction Titles of 2013 Conversations Book Club President Cyrus Webb is excited to announce this year's "Top 50 Fiction Titles of 2013."  

Creatures, Crime and Creativity (C3)

Intrigue has developed a conference to bring fans and authors together. The Creatures, Crimes and Creativity Conference will be held October 10, 11 and 12, 2014 at the Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, MD. Hunt Valley is a short distance from Baltimore and we are very excited to be bringing this conference to the Baltimore, MD area of and writers of mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and steam punk. We will present three days of panels and workshops of interest to both writers and fans. We will all dine together and hear presentations from two impressive key note speakers and share interviews with two inspiring local special guests. We will also organize some fun evening events. Our primary objective is to provide opportunities for authors and fans to meet and mingle, chat and network, and strengthen the bond between the creators of genre fiction and those who enjoy reading it. Don't miss out on this amazing conference that everyone will be talking about for months after it's over!
December 2013 brought our newest author's cozy mystery to book shelves everywhere! Get your copy of Roses and Daisies and Death, Oh My!  

Three New Intriguing Authors!

We are pleased to announce our three new authors. Jeff Markowitz, author of our newest thriller titled Death & White Diamonds,  Ray Collins, author of a new thriller titled Kannucki, and Annie Alexander's new thriller, as yet untitled. Look for these new additions to the Intrigue line of Crime Fiction at the end of 2014! 

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Girl Z Wins Lovey Award!

We are very pleased to announce that our very own C.A. Verstraete has won the Lovey Award given at the Love Is Murder Conference. The conference is held every year in Chicago and this year Girl Z: My Life As A Teenage Zombie won for best paranormal and sci-fi novel!

Roses and Daisies and Death, Oh My!